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Maras – Moray a magical and very special place located in the deep and andean peru

Maras – Moray a magical and very special place located in the deep and andean peru

Maras-Moray located at 3500 m.a.s.l. are one of the destinations in the Sacred Valley of Cusco that we cannot miss thanks to the wide variety of activities that these places offer us.

A very special place located in the deep and Andean Peru, it is nothing more and nothing less than the Maras & Moray mines, a collection of steps where a great concentration of salt has been produced, this salt comes from mineral springs of the mountains, this has generated a wonderful landscape and an incredible place to visit.

The adventure begins with a visit to the textile centers of Chinchero in which the production of textiles with Andean natural products and animals is shown.

The adventure continues and passes through the great Urubamba mountain range to finally reach the archaeological complex of Moray in which it can be noted that the lowest temperature and the highest temperature had a difference of up to 15 degrees.

This place served to domesticate what at that time were wild plants, here various microclimates were experimented with obtaining different results in the crops,

After having visited Moray we went to the salt mines of Maras, the path is impressive as it passes through large canyons on the side of the road, to get to the salt mines of Maras we pass through a picturesque local market where you can find beautiful crafts and different natural products of the area, especially the famous pink salt of Maras, the landscape is amazing since during the visit of the salt mines of Maras you can appreciate the waters of springs where the salt flats of Maras come from, the 3000 deposits are They are filled with spring water which, when evaporating, leaves the salt crystals, this salt is highly valued not only for its nutritional qualities such as healing, anti-inflammatory and it functions as a regulator of blood pressure, Maras salt is also noted for its used flavor in Peruvian and International cuisine.

We invite you not to miss out on this fantastic and wonderful experience with South America Planet travel Agency which will take you to experience all the magic and wonderful adventure that Maras & Moray offers.

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