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Febrero 2021

The Spaniards founded the city of Puno in 1668. It is a city rich in local mestizo art, the fusion of native and Spanish styles in its colonial balconies, weavings and pottery. Legend has it that the waters of Lake Titicaca are the birthplace of Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, the mythical founders of

These spectacular islands, eroded into many caves and arches, provide shelter for thousands of seabirds and hundreds of sea-lions. Although the islands fall just outside the Paracas National Reserve they are protected by separate legislation.

Its name comes from the native word Chachapoyacuno, which means “forest or mountain of mist”.also “People of the Clouds”. The city is now being rediscovered as an important archaeological complex,

The Peruvian capital was established by the Spanish “conquistadores” in 1535. Lima soon became the commercial and administrative center of the Spanish empire in South America, bringing a period of prosperity to the city until an earthquake in 1746

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