Terms & Conditions

Art 1
The information in the programs are fixed and confirmed, they only can change in next circumstances.

  • When changes are clearly given thru e -mail to the traveler  before  signing the contract.
  • If after  the contract there was a written agreement with both party’s.
  • The travel agent have to change the route because of, landslide, strike etc , and have to change the program.

Art 2
The client is obligated to take care for Visa’s and need to have a valid international passport, what is valid for at least 6 month after his travels. The passport also need to have minimum 2 empty pages for entree and exit stamps. He is responsible for the medical part, vaccinations and need to have a good health before starting the trip.  When the traveler gives us wrong information, concerning passport number, for example in reservation on incatrail/ the traveler have to pay the extra cost to change all the documents.

Art 3
This  statement is valid as a  contract

Art 4
The in the contract agreed price is fixed with all the services described in the program. The client have to read and accept. After this, the form is valid as contract

Art 5
The price in the contract is in US  DOLLAR

Art 6
Only when different agree in the reservation voucher, the client have to pay  40%  of the total amount in advance as deposit .The rest he have to pay 5 weeks before departure. If the client reserve 1 month before departure he have to pay the total amount directly. This only in packet and group tours. In Incatrail reservations the client pay the other 60 % 1 or 2 days before departure on the trek in Cash USD at our office in Cusco. If you use credit card for the 60 %, there is an extra 5,5 % cost

Art 7
The client can give before departure his tour Packet to another person. This person have to agree our rules and have to sign a new contract. The client have to inform Mundo hike as soon as possible if there are any changes. The client and the new person  have to pay al the costs that mundo hike makes to make these changes + the  balance amount of the tour.
This is not possible for the Incatrail/ flights and bus -train tickets. In those items it is NOT possible to change date of departure, Name or Passport number, there is no refund of  train ticket and trekking permits. For incatrail/If the client cancel from reservation to 16 days before the start of the trekking. The client have to pay 312 usd each person for cancellation on the trail 4 days and 269 usd each to cancel the 2 days incatrail, 15 days before departure or on the trail there is no refund possible ! The trekking is in an international group (between  4 and 16 persons in the group), any problem as strike, late departure are nor the responsibility of mundo hike, it is an adventures trek

Art 8
If  the client ask to make changes in his program, Mundo hike can ask extra money to make these changes.

Art 9

  • If before departure Mundo hike have to change the program, or cannot complete a part of the tour, than Mundo hike need to inform the client as soon as possible. Than the client have the right to break with the contract if the client don’t accept the changes. Mundo hike only can charge the cost they already made.
  • The client need to inform mundo hike as soon as possible about his decision.
  • When the client accept the changes, than he have to sign a new contract, with the additional changes added and the new price.
  • When the client don’t accept the changes, than mundo hike and the client search for an acceptable financial solution.

Art 10
If  Mundo hike BEFORE the tour starts, the tour cancel for special reason like war, nature disaster, strikes. Than Mundo hike shall refund the money back to the client, less the cost he already made to start on this trip. While on the tour, we have to cancel for the same reason, there is no refund possible .

Art 11
When there are circumstances on the tour that we have to change the program different than the contract, for any reason, like safety of the client, strike of transport, roadblock. We search for an alternative, to please the client. The extra cost for changing the program and continue the tour, are always for the client. We are not responsible for strikes or nature disaster.

Art 12
The cliënt always have the right to break the contract parts of totally. When the traveler decide for any reason, to break the contract, he have to pay the cost Mundo hike made to organize his tour.
The cliënt is obligated to have a good travel insurance. We are not responsible for damage in car accidents or on trekking. That’s why we obligate every client to have good travel insurance.

The amount the client have to pay to break the contract can be maximal the total price of the booked tour.

Art 13
The travel agent is responsible for providing the tour reserved as in the contract with all the things described in the Tour. Also responsible for the services provided thru other agencies.

Art 14
The traveler is responsible for any damage to hotels, material and tents during the trekking, material provided to the client and have to pay the extra cost to repair again.

Art 15
The client is totally responsible for his own luggage or personal things. Mundo hike never is responsible for theft in hotels or transport or during a trekking . The travel agent need to help the client  to solve this problem. Mundo hike is not responsible for accidents in buses or on the street. Travelers are obligated to have good travel insurance before arriving to South america.

Art 16
Complains before the trip you need to report as soon as possible.
If there are Complains during the client have to contact directly to the office of  Mundo hike  in Cusco at tel nr . +51 984 577 011 That Mundo hike is able to solve the problem as soon as possible.
If the office didn’t solve the complain, than the client have to fill in a form, when he arrive in Cusco at the office, so we can search together for the best solution. Complains who are not written at the office in Cusco or by e-mail during your tour, we don’t accept after the tour .

Art 17
The client declare that Mundo hike and his workers  never can be put responsible for any damage of the human body or dead after participating  adventures sports like mountain biking, mountain climbing, trekking, buggy’s canyoning and rafting or any other tour. Also any damage of the body afterwards or after the tour is not our responsibility.

Art 18
A reservation, only is confirmed after we received the obligated  40 %  deposit

Art 19
if the client buy flights, local or international flights, in a tour or individual, there is no refund of the flight, ones emitted the tickets. The Airlines can charge some extra Fuel charge before departure. Depending on the international oil market prices.

Art 20
If clients travel to the jungle, or to Machu Picchu, or to islands at Titicaca, or do jeeptour 3 days uyuni, they have to leave the big luggage in the hotel, and just travel with a small day pack, just with the things you need for the short stay outside of the hotel. The big pack stay safe at the left luggage store at the hotel.

Art 21
Annulations of packages and round trips from reservation till  56 days before departure cost 15% of the total amount. Annulations between 56 and 42 days before departure cost 30% of the total amount, from 42 to 28 days before departure cost 50%, from 28 to 14 days before departure cost 75% and from 14 to 10 days before departure will cost 90% from the total amount. If you cancel within 9 days before departure you will have to pay 100 % and there is no refund. so we advise you to take a good insurance. Ones flights, national or international flights are emitted and we have the digital tickets, there is NO refund of the flights. For Incatrail  look Art 7

Art 22

Mundo hike Operate trekking under America trek license

Art 23

Policy of Protection of Personal Data  in accordance with Peruvian Law No. 29733

Mundo hike declares that it has a firm commitment to the protection, security and privacy of users. The personal information that Mundo hike collects about its customers is used in order to contact you if necessary. Mundo hike does not collect personal information about its customers for other purposes than those stated, nor does it sell, negotiate or rent personal information to any organization.

We only use your personal information (name, phone number and email address) for purchase, sale or confirmation of the reservations you request. The personal information that you register on our website is available in a secure system and is not available to the public. You can exercise at any time the right of cancellation  of the information in accordance with Peruvian Law No. 29733